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3-On-A-Page Checks

PrintPromoPlus by Safeguard offers a wide selection of 3 on a Page checks to suit every need. Checks are compatible with all software packages to meet your computerized payment needs. Choices include wallet checks with binders or covers for those times when manual check writing is necessary. For ease of recordkeeping, choose multipart 3-on-a-Page checks with carbonless technology.

Our check security features are the highest in the industry. Antifraud features include thermochromic ink that reacts to heat to detect and deter copying, distinctive patterns that discourage copying and alterations, watermarks, high resolution borders with intricate engravings, microprint borders and more!

Shown below is a sampling our checks and forms - please contact us for further information about our entire line! Our product line is broad and each item is specific to each customer’s circumstances. Please contact us to let us know a little more about you so we can ascertain how we can best meet your needs.

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